Code Review for XXXX-kmem-double-calling-kmem_depot_ws_update-isnt-obvious

Prepared by: (jeffpc) on 2015-May-27 16:12 -0400 EDT
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Summary of changes: 28 lines changed: 16 ins; 9 del; 3 mod; 5575 unchg
Patch of changes: XXXX-kmem-double-calling-kmem_depot_ws_update-isnt-obvious.patch
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XXXX kmem: double-calling kmem_depot_ws_update isn't obvious
While the double-call is documented in a comment, it's not obvious what
exactly it is trying to accomplish.  The easiest way to address this is to
introduce a new function that "zeroes-out" the working set statistics to
force everything to be eligible for reaping.
28 lines changed: 16 ins; 9 del; 3 mod; 5575 unchg

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